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Re: [MiNT] Gcc 3.3.6 v 4.0.1

Vincent Rivière píše v Po 02. 03. 2009 v 10:49 +0100:
> This is a big problem with the MiNTLib. It contains MiNT related stuff
> (it is good), as well as a large amount of code coming from the glibc.
> But that code is never updated.
> Adding MiNT functionality to the MiNTLib is our job. But fixing the GNU
> bugs which have been fixed for several years in the official
> repositories is not. And that obstream stuff is totally unrelated to
> MiNT, we all spent our time on things already fixed by other people. 
> This is bad.

Sounds like MiNTLib should become a patch to glibc - then tracking the
changes by GNU would be easier, perhaps :)