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Re: [MiNT] GCC 4.4.0 for ColdFire

Alan Hourihane wrote:

Very useful for me Vincent. I'll start Gentoo on Coldfire soon.

Hehehe... I had that in mind ;-)
Since Gentoo is source based, you just have to change the CPU option to
produce a full distribution optimized for that CPU :-)

I'd love to get your binutils & gcc patches upstream.

Me too, but as I said earlier, we should probably switch to the ELF
object file format first, because GCC people look at a.out with a very
bad eye (I may be wrong). The only big problem is to embed ELF debugging
information (DWARF2 ?) into the PRG files for source debugging. I never
looked at that.

Thanks Vincent for this excellent work!

Thanks, Alan.

NB: Currently nobody has tested the ColdFire binaries on a real
ColdFire, so we don't know if it really works. Didier will make tests
this week-end.

Vincent Rivière