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Re: [MiNT] cat problem

2009/11/24 Petr Stehlik <pstehlik@sophics.cz>:
> Paul Wratt píše v Út 24. 11. 2009 v 21:50 +1100:
>> Thanks guys, I suspected the same, although I am getting the same
>> error on 1.16-3 (on AFROS).
>> Unfortunately, I have yet to find a "newer" stable version for ARAnyM,
>> unless I can compile one myself, which would be nice, since I need to
>> check the current XaAES..
> Well you see, compiling CVS versions of everything for AFROS doesn't
> always produce the best results. Give me a stable FreeMiNT&Co. release
> and I'll include it in AFROS ;-)
> Petr

well, thats "one of the reasons I'm here" as it were, get it up
to scratch on ARAnyM, add it to an installable update for the current
AFROS LiveCD, then hopefully get the AFROS-update into a new AFROS
release. The dev environments mentioned (elsewhere) are "installable" for
AFROS LiveCD too, to help in creating portable dev kit, that can also push
ACP development (I want to supply "new" desktop, or desktop look, for ACP)