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[MiNT] Sparemint Coldfire

Hello all,

In the coming weeks I will be rebuilding all of sparemint for coldfire. If anyone else is working on anything like this, please let me know so we can coordinate work. I will be using binutils 2.20 and gcc 4.4.2. I will be using m5474 arch and -mcpu=5474 cflag. So a package for coldfire will look like 'aalib-1.2-1.m5474mint.rpm.

If nobody has any arguments with my plan, I'll proceed. I believe that I can actually build everything on an aranym instance but I have to look into what chroot support we have as it would be nice to firmly isolate everything to ensure no bad instructions get linked to. But if that doesn't work I'll be building everything on real coldfire hardware depending on how far away Didier is from having firetos run without cf68klib.