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[MiNT] XaAES: menus in windows - window handle?

Peter Persson wrote:

> Another question related to menu bars in windows,
> Is there any way to find out the window handle associated with a menu =
> event? In my project, multiple windows share the same resource tree for =
> the menu, but the menu actions should only operate on a particular =
> window. The event message doesn't tell which window handle it was, and I =
> can't assume it's the top window because it's possible to access window =
> menu bars in the background as well.
> The only cure I can come up with would be to generate a separate menu =
> resource tree for each window, and somehow that feels like a bloody =
> mess.
> Any ideas?

The only possibility I know is currently to use different trees (just copy
them). Not very nice but should work.

If no one has a better solution it could be added in a future version to
also pass the window-handle. There is still room for additional parameters I

What does the last parameter ('parent') contain?

Is there a possibility in the bugtracker to add feature-requests?