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Re: [MiNT] System security.

One very interesting question was asked at the atariage forums yesterday. About the system security of an Atari especially when that is on a network. The way I understand it when we load an AES we are basically roots. TOS and TOSfs drives aren't very secure at all.
So, how secure is a MiNT system?

Hello Christos,

Security by obscurity?

It could be an issue, but really the only thing someone could do is use a system as a point for hacking something else, or destroy local files. And, that can only be done thru telnet or ssh remotely, at least currently and only if they are on, and you are directly connected to the Internet, as opposed to a fake IP on a router or something. I guess maybe ftp as well. Make sure there is a password for root and any other used user accounts. Beyond that, exploits will not do people any good, in my opinion.

Any other specific concerns?