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Re: [MiNT] cookie jar

I went away to cool off for a couple of days.

I am sorry if I lost my rag with this, it's been a hard
week, just started a new job.

My original intention was to flag up a rare event that had
started happening very recently. I didn't want to leave it
for too long. Somebody may have realised that a recent change
was the cause and 2-3 weeks from now would have been too late.
It might not be a bug in Mint but knowing what change causes
issues can be a way to isolate them.

I don't know what the cause is in this case and my first step is
always to try to describe the error as clearly as possible, then
I make the error as repeatable as possible so that someone else might
see the same issue. The next step is to disable stuff and see
if the error can be eliminated.