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[MiNT] Fontsize


this problem is confusing me a little bit.
Here's a detailed report about XaAES fontsize problem since ~trunk-12102010, please
excuse the fragmented postings before:

Atari Falcon/CT 60 (80 MHz) 14 MB STRAM, 128 MB SDRAM, CTPCI/Radeon 9250,
NVDI 5.03, TeraDesk, tested Trunk-14102010.

- Happens with xaaes060.km and xaaesdeb.km, both with setted or de-activated
  fontsize options in xaaes(dbg).cnf.
- This don't happen with trunk-03102010 or EasyMinT 1.16.3!!
- I didn't make ANY CTPCI- or font-related changes.

XaAES (TeraDesk) starts with correct fontsize (10pt) and every program runs without
problems. But when i open XaAES taskmanager,
- application list is displayed with 8pt fontsize
- buttons have the normal size but are filled with 8pt font, too.

Until now, menu fontsize is correct, then i close Taskmanager and
- menu is redrawn with 8pt size
- Taskbars startmenu is 8pt now
- If MyMail was opened before, a window redraw here changes the fontsize to 8pt.
- 8pt is standard fontsize now for any program.

So, there must have been some changes in Taskmanager between 03102010 and 12102010 which
causes this problem.
This is NOT CTPCI-related (i can reproduce it with Aranym on Ubuntu), so can anybody else
can confirm this (with or without CTPCI)?

Thank you,