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[MiNT] QED and printing via NVDI


now that NVDI works with CTPCI, i have to get back to an old problem with MiNT and QED
printing via NVDI; this was present without CTPCI and with 1.16.3, too (posted some time ago).

Please do the following:
- Start QED (NO document loaded!)
- Activate /Options/Global settings/Use ext. printer dialog

OK, QED/Menu/Options/Printer... now opens correctly the NVDI printer settings dialog which is
built in XaAES (rsc) with the additional submenu "QED" in the left list.
QED Menu/File/Print... is greyed out because there is no document loaded (correct).

- Now load a document

If i select /Options/Printer... or /File/Print... now, the printer dialog opens and closes
directly ( <1 sec.); nothing is sent to printer.
NPRNCONF.CPX works correct, QED/printing with NVDI works good with TOS and MagiC.

I don't know if this a bug in QED or MiNT/XaAES.
Can anybody confirm this behaviour (tested with trunk-03102010)?