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Re: [MiNT] tcp_select ( was: Re: inet4: errno is not set correct )

On Mon, 2010-10-11 at 13:13 +0200, m0n0 wrote:
> Hello,
> > Resolving host: google.com ...
> >
> > connect(): Operation now in progress
> > C0nnecting...Connect timeout!
> > Connect timeout!
> > Connect timeout!
> > Connect timeout!
> > Connect timeout!
> > Connect timeout!
> > Connect OK!
> > recv() failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
> > Errno: 11
> > 
> > Is that what you are expecting ?
> Well, thats the same result that I get with my Linux. The error 11 is
> also with my system and because it is with the linux OS we houldn't care
> about it to much ;) Did you try with MiNT? Here the socket_ready never
> returns timeout... it always returns Success. So socket_ready works much
> better with linux than with MiNT... but it should take care of the Errno
> 11 also, but that's another story. You can avoid the error by
> usleep(shortvalue).

Right, just checking that this is what you see first before trying with

> I'm attaching 2 patches, the tcp patch solves the problem within
> inet4.xdd, which is probably not what we want, because the problem is
> within sys_f_select, if I understand it correct.

Thanks for the patches.

> The other patch solves the problem within sys_f_select, which requires
> users to get an kernel update to get rid of the error...
> But it seems sys_f_select was intended to look like after the patch...
> I'm not sure, maybe col_ stands for collision, but it could also stand
> for collected ;) 
> I did not encounter errors after applying the patch to sys_f_select,
> but maybe that doesn't mean anything :)

I'll look into it this week.