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Re: [MiNT] Cross-tools for Ubuntu 10.10

Ok, thanks, I could build 64 bit version (I haven't upgraded to 10.10 yet though).. Anyway upgrading Ubuntu soon after release is scary ;).

The instructions for building are the same as the last time?


W dniu 2010-10-19 22:43, Vincent Rivière pisze:

Ubuntu 10.10 has been released last week, so I have ported the current
GCC and all the the MiNT cross tools to it. The instructions are here:

As usual, I have only built the 32-bit binaries, but the 64-bit binaries
may become available when someone builds them. It is easy.

I will not maintain the binaries for older Ubuntu versions anymore, but
they may remain online for some time.

Enjoy !

Paweł Góralski

e-mail: pawel.goralski@nokturnal.pl
WWW: http://nokturnal.pl