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[MiNT] Trunk-12102010 fontsize

Lars Schmidbauer wrote:

> Hi,
> i installed trunk-12102010; now all menus, Taskbars start menu, XaAES Taskmanager+System/Log buttons
> and lists, fileselector input field and infoline (but not infoline of windows), MyMail and some more
> are displayed with 8pt system font (instead of 10pt before). It looks awful!
> GEMDict hangs after start and zWeather crashes, both worked correct with trunk-03102010.
> I use the default font-settings in xaaes.cnf, did i miss any new settings for this version?

I just downloaded latest trunk and everything is 10 point (no font-settings
in xaaes.cnf). Maybe it's CTPCI-specific.

> BTW, i really liked the small (i guess 9pt) info-line, is it configurable now??

No. Only when using standard_font_point=9.