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Re: [MiNT] Xaaes 0.998/0.999 and CTCPI/Radeon

Didier MEQUIGNON wrote:

 OK, this is the result with NVDI:
 - When I open the system/log window I see AESSYS: received signal 8(ignored)

This is FPE. It is also new to ignore FPE, and not terminate, I saw this
in opnwk with fvdi I think.

 - I clic on a '+' 14 x this line again
 - When I move the slider to the left: idem but all works always. No Freeze.
 When this window is closed, no more message.
 I see that gignal 8 is zero divide, Why there are just zero divide in
 this thread ?

You tell me! ;-)

Is it possible to tell weather the /0 comes from VDI or AES?

It's inside the VDI accel routines, the cliping line function can get a delta x or y nul and produce divide by 0. Oups. Sure if the handler has just a rte... It's fixed.

 > Else no abnormal call of the VDI, the seems problem is fixed.

So if there would be no message, it would be normal behavior?


I guess the /0 is ignored by default in MiNT anyway, isn't it?

Yes like TOS and MagiC.

I'll change it to only write it into the bootlog, not on console, ok?

Like you want.



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