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Re: [MiNT] mp and shutdown

Am 10.10.2010, 19:38 Uhr, schrieb Jean-Luc CECCOLI <Jean-Luc.Ceccoli@wanadoo.fr>:

When it doesn't crash, Ctrl-Alt-F correctly opens the task manager so
I can access its functions.
It first crashed with the following message displayed endlessly :
pid 115 (XaSYS): MEMORY VIOLATION: type=free RW=rw AA=20596808 PC=205A10E6 BP=115A870
I only could turn the computer off. At the next start, it didn't crash.

Not good. Anything in the bootlog?

Ctrl-Alt-H or C open the corresponding drive letter, and R does nothing.

This must be the desktop, so the Ctrl-Alt is not correctly transmitted (or your keyboard is broken ;)).

I'm not sure if the latest adds are all in trunk, but in my branch Ctrl-Alt-Q/H should do.

I think you had fixed this in a previous release, IIRC after a couple of
mails with me. Funny it wasn't included into the Trunk...

Must be long ago, I cannot remember, and so it should be in trunk.

Why does the taskman-shutdown not work for you?

Shutdown works correctly. It's just Reboot and Cold Boot that have
the same result : a cold boot.

Also not good.

Helmut Karlowski