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Re: [MiNT] Newsie

 Le 11/11/2010 19:16, Peter Slegg a écrit :
On Thu, 11 Nov 2010 20:40:19 , "m0n0"<ole@monochrom.net>  wrote:
Am Do, 11.11.2010, 20:30 schrieb Miro Kropacek:

gcc throws up loads of warnings and errors in the code, it's amazing.

That means the code is most probably very badly written.
Maybe many of the errors disappear after inluding the Gemlib headers (and
changing Constant names to the ones that gemlib uses).

If I remeber correctly, gemlib uses some short prefixes for flags like
TOUCHEXIT, like OS_TOUCHEXIT (just an example, probably not really the
correct Name...).

But there was a way to use the old Identifiers with the Gemlib,... I guess
you had to do something like that:


Just look into gemlib.h and see how it is done there.
Yes Peter this is the good way or replace name by new one.

I think there was re-define because some old definitions could be in conflict with some other libs (like X11), but in your case you can use it without any problems (I use it for my own softwares)


Nice one I found it:


/* object flags */
#define NONE                    0x0000  /**<  TODO */
#define SELECTABLE              0x0001  /**<  TODO */
#define DEFAULT                 0x0002  /**<  TODO */
#define EXIT                    0x0004  /**<  TODO */
#define EDITABLE                0x0008  /**<  TODO */

so I added


and that has cleared those errors.

This might be a long exercise but I will learn a lot I hope.