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Re: [MiNT] Packages needing rebuild for SpareMiNT???

Thomas Jürges wrote:
Sorry guys, but I do not get it.  If we have a gcc with a modified
configuration, this means that the start-up code has changed, or?

Yes, potentially any MiNT object code for -m68020-60 could have changed,
including the startup code. Actually, it has not changed because it does
not contain float stuff, but it could.

If this is true, all and every source code has to be compiled with
the new compiler.

This is true.

But the startup code is provided by the mintlib package, that one needs recompilation. The binutils packages contains the basic tools (as, ld) but no startup code, no library, no MiNT objects. Also, the binutils don't know about notions like startup code, multilibs, or conventions for calling functions.

I hope the GCC-FPU-deal has not been finalised yet.  My vote goes to
the "return floats in FP0".

I considered it finalized, since it didn't work before and now it works.
I have chosen the other way which is safer. But we could change in the future to gain some little performance gain.

Vincent Rivière