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Re: [MiNT] CT60/CTPCI xbios bindings

I think this and the other files you posted should make up a CT60 RPM
 package and install it this way.

So, if we are thinking in this way the same should be with Milan/Hades bindings - if there are included then they should be separated. I think that API for CT60/CTPCI will not change at all and should be included with other bindings. API for screen management is the same as in Milan, there is only one magic flag added and maybe two extra enumerations for VsetScreen CTPCI commands, so changes in my opinion are minimal. The only thing that should be done is to indicate that something is CT60 specific and it's not on Milan.

The second file that I've sent is a different matter, because it is Radeon specific (as I believe) and it could be separated. At this moment is not vital, but this is a certain set of new features which can be used.


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