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[MiNT] gcc-4.5.2-mint-20110206


I have once again updated the cross-tools patches for MiNT and the Cygwin and Ubuntu binaries.

Major changes:

- binutils 2.21 20110206: gprof: Fixed the missing functions and call counts, broken since version 2.20.

- GCC 4.5.2 20110206: The debug or profile libs are now never automatically linked. Use explicitly -lc_g or -lc_p if you want to do it, and if the corresponding libs are present on your system. As a result, linking with -g is now *allowed* and safe. We can now compile the GNU packages with the default options.

- Fixed math-68881.h for -std=gnu99 and -std=c99. No more trouble when building libtiff for 68020-60.

- I have discovered that math-68881.h is was provided with both GCC and the MiNTLib. So I have removed the MiNTLib's one from the distribution.

- I have discovered a new GCC option: -ffast-math. Actually, it does almost the same that math-68881.h, but with more clever register usage. As a result, I have totally disabled the usage of math-68881.h (and I wonder how that one can be useful). I'm going to start a new thread about this.

- I have removed the symlinks like libgem16.a or other 020 suffixes. GCC and multilib has been clean for a while, it's time to get rid of these artifacts and clean-up our makefiles.

- I don't build the debug or profile libs anymore. Of course you can still debug or profile your own programs, but no information will be available for the libraries. If you want to debug/profile them, you will have to build the libraries debug versions yourself.

- Finally, I have stripped all the libraries according to MiKRO's advice. That saves spaces. We will see if someone miss the local labels.


Vincent Rivière