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Re: [MiNT] XaAES translations - other languages

On 2/10/11 11:54 AM, Paul Wratt wrote:
I was sure there was someone on the list (or reading) who has enough
japanese + fonts to know if it was possible or practical in XaAES,
dont think console is a problem, obviously there is no know key table
(yet). if it worked...

then I would get my neighbour up here to give me a hand to get a
Korean version working (in XaAES)

If no one can test it, I will have to potter around and set something
up in console first, then do a font for GEM/fVDI then test it in

thats a lot of time to spend if it is gonna fail anyway.. hmmm ...
would not be an issue if we could use utf8 or multi byte characters..
I don't think it is practical to support asian languages without unicode. He translated Magxdesk to romanji and that was fine for japanese friends but I suspect japanese people in japan might have more trouble reading that. I'm not sure how much space there is in a traditional font but I know to support HIrigana alone you would need 46 additional characters. I can only assume that although you have a japanese system font you would also want to be able to display english characters as well. Then there's katakana on top of that but I think that's less important.

Interesting OT thing, Japanese is made up of only 46 sounds total http://www.japanorama.com/images/hiragana.gif If you understand these 46 sounds and what they translate to, you can read and write japanese that other japanese people can understand and also look up words. Knowing this made my trip to japan much more interesting ;) It'd be nice if English was this straightforward. I've been speaking it for 30 years and am still terrible.