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Re: [MiNT] GRAFX2 2.2 atari port [beta]

Am So, 6.02.2011, 16:27 schrieb PaweÅ? Góralski:
> W dniu 2011-02-06 16:15, Peter Slegg pisze:
>> I have just installed it on the Malin with ATI and ran the ttp and it
>> started fine. The mouse is far too slow to make it workable, a bit like
>> ScummVM (also SDL).
> It worked in fullscreen or in window? What SDL environment settings you
> have SDL_VIDEO_DRIVER etc?

If there is any code to draw the mouse cursor manually, that part of code
could be removed to speed up the mouse. Otherwise each mouse event invokes
a lot of code, especially the (und)drawing routines for such a mouse
cursor will take its time.
But if you disable that part of code, you must also find the part where
SDL disables the native OS cursor ( I guess it is an SDL_Init() flag ).

The rest of the code should still work, because reporting of mouse cursor
/ SDL mouse events where not touched ...