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Re: [MiNT] GRAFX2 2.2 atari port [beta]

2011/1/31 Paweł Góralski <nokturnal@nokturnal.pl>:
> Hello,
> I've managed to port pixel painter GrafX 2.2 to Atari Falcon, but it should
> work on Atari TT too (under TOS/MiNT). As it is SDL based it can be little
> slow on standard machines. Here's the link to official announcement and
> screenshots: http://nokturnal.pl/2011/01/grafx_atari_por/langswitch_lang/en
> It has few bugs though(mainly connected with reading/writing some obscure
> formats and lua scripting), so it's beta for now until everything will be
> resolved. The changes aren't yet on official project SVN repository, but I
> will add them soon. This program will be great when there will be support
> for additional CTPCI ATI Radeon (fullscreen)screenmodes in SDL .
> It cannot be used in the GEM window, because mouse isn't handled properly. I
> don't know what to with it for now. I've tried it under Aranym only. If it
> could be run properly in window then I think that people with machines with
> graphics cards could benefit from it. The application could be also run with
> much greater working space.
Cool, thanks for the effort, seems like things will workout well, with
a bit of patience & lots of testing (according to posts)

> Not all formats are handled properly yet, only most common ones and Atari
> specific are handled. It may change in the future of course.
When you get around to the file formats again, can you look into
generating XIMG that are suitable for XaAES, or is that restricted to
the 24/32 bit support in GrafX

> Regards,
> Pawel
> e-mail: nokturnal@nokturnal.pl
> www: http://nokturnal.pl

Either way it is good to get another graphics app that runs on ARAnyM + MiNT