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[MiNT] gcc 4.5.2 and binutils 2.21 available for m68k


I've built fresh m68k binaries for you with latest Vincent's changes (i.e. correct math stuff, d0/d1 for floats etc). I briefly tested it on Aranym, seems to be fine. I also updated my Makefile, rough list of changes:

- option for usage of host libraries (no need to compile gmp/mpfr/mpc if your distribution provides it)
- added mpc (was not needed before)
- added project download sources for�gmp/mpfr/mpc => newest version are used
- "omit pointerized" atari builds => smaller/faster binaries/libraries
- strip & strip-atari targets
- atari targets use /usr prefix => easier to make RPM (no need to rewrite default paths from /usr/local)

Hopefully it will make building your own binaries simpler, all binaries/libraries can be found at usual place, my website. Btw this "release" comes exactly one year after my last 4.4.3/2.20 work :)

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes