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Re: [MiNT] RGF Sources / GBubble Sources Released

on 2/4/11 12:07 PM, Helmut Karlowski wrote:

> Lonny Pursell wrote:
>> on 2/4/11 5:03 AM, m0n0 wrote:
>>>  Hello all,
>>>  thanks to RGF Software & Arthur ( forum.atari-home.de ) for releasing
>>>  all the Atari (GFA) Sources of the RGF tools/apps:
>> Your statement is misleading, download several archives and none of them
>> contained source code.  It appears only a select few do.
> Which ones?

I downloaded all of the ones related to gfa development and none of them
contain source code, therefore: only the ones of interest to me.

The gfa editor (incomplete deom) isn't written by RFG, its coded by Emanuel
Welter who attempted to continue where RGF left off, but then seemed to
vanish as well.

>>>  http://downloads.atari-home.de/RGF.SOFTWARE/
>>>  I'm mainly writing this to the list because it contains the source for
>>>  GBubble - an GFA version of BubbleGem.
>>>  I know that some people here said BubbleGem isn't MiNT compatible, so
>>>  maybe GBubble is. If not, here is another chance to fix problems :)
>>>  The sources also contain LUNA Text editor - a powerfull Text-Editor,
>>>  which is sadly not working with MiNT, at least not with my system.
>> RGF was a magic user, most of his stuff suffers from magic-isms for lack of
>> a better term.
> The version 156 runs fine (tested on aranym).

Last time I tried it, it ran but did weird stuff, like if you window shade
it, the cursor is left flashing on the desktop, etc.  It would crash at some
point to, promptly went back to QED.

Lonny Pursell    http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/