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Re: [MiNT] hairlines

On 4 November 2011 08:47, Helmut Karlowski <helmut.karlowski@ish.de> wrote:
> J. F. Lemaire wrote:

>> I am *not* a windom user and I *never* had any config files for it. I
>> don't think you have taken a long enough look at my screenshot. The
>> checkboxes are not *selectable*. Do you really think this is by

> How do you define selectable?

No "recessed" look or cross mark or anything. The selection does seem
to be taken into account, though. It's only visual.

> BTW: In MyAES you have to click really hard to select anything but that is another story.

I'll try with MyAES and see how it looks.

Jean-François Lemaire