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[MiNT] kernel boot process - please explain

can someone explain certain details found in these 2 screenshots, both
ARAnyM and MiNT are without configs (default settings)

1) why is "kerninfo rejected" (in XHDI output)
2) ramfs + vfatfs are internal drivers, but hostfs is external. If
kernel can find that driver why can it not find any others?
3) (in ARAnyM config) no boot device is specified, how does kernel
know where hostfs driver is?
4) when no boot device is found why is the first drive in mount list
not check before giving error?
5) after "press any key" why does MiNT not boot to ROM/GEM (instead of
doing a "system halt")
6) does any of the above occur on real hardware?

as far as I can tell, if some of these issues were "fixed" with
default values, MiNT would be able to boot to the desktop with as
little as "mint.prg" (no drivers, no XaAES, no config)

that would greatly improve first time use, test or clean system. To
boot a fresh ARAnyM all that would be required is "etos512k.img" and
"mintara.prg" in "~/aranym/" - no need to edit or create any configs
at all

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