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Re: [MiNT] Modern mint/xaaes

Mark Duckworth, 07.06.2012 16:20:11:

Creating XaAES kernel thread
AESSYS:Installed 'nAES' cookie in readable memory at 141E000
k_init: videomode=0
nvdi version = 501
could not determine fvdi version
k_init:vdo=30000 vm=0 video=0
Default screenmode
Screenmode is: 1
k_init: v_opnwk() mode=1
k_init: v_opnwk() handle=1
Physical work station opened: 1
Virtual work station opened: 2
exception 10 for AESSYS pc:12810F6 addr:3B7C

10 is a bus error I found, but I don't know enough to track down what

Please post the bootlog from the beginning (I need the line that starts with PRG:). Maybe it's possible to spot the bug, if it's inside XaAES. I made a tool for this ;-)

If you can build XaAES yourself you could also do it.

the pc is doing. Does anyone a guide on assembler level debugging? I'd love to figure it out myself but I'm confused ;) Specifically I

I put DBG-messages at places in the code to see where it crashes and why (not really sophisticated but usually working).

understand what the program counter is and why you would need it, but what is the basepage address there. Is that just the offset in memory where the aessys binary is loaded?

This is in the PRG:-line in the bootlog.

Helmut Karlowski