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[MiNT] Problem with print document

Dear friends,

I have a problem to print document for example from Papyrus. My computer is Atari falcon with ct63, and system is MiNT 1.8 xaaes and thing as desktop. I start Papyrus open the document and try to print on my printer HP deskjet. From File menu, choose Print, and the driver, or direct from the papyrus or with NVDI drivers, then opens a tiny window with are printing but then goes back to the document, but the printer does not have any reaction.

Under the pure TOS or the MAGIC everything is OK and print the selected document without any trouble, as they behave in such QED.

Does anyone have any idea what is the reason he does not want to print?s



Dr Piotr Mietniowski
Department of Electronics
AGH University of Science and Technology
Av. Mickiewicza 30
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