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[MiNT] MiNT in a web browser

well not exactly a modern version, and there are some issues with the
implementation of curses/ncurses, but I have STonC runing in a web
browser, and I am not sute how far back I will have to go to find a
version of MiNT that works with it

Some of you might now of jslinux (url in attached image), which has
been updated to support uuencode/uudecode with a driver that
communicates to a textarea element

the linux system has been completely revised, with /dev/hda no longer
in one single image file, but rather 64k blocks that get loaded as
needed, which helps speed up loading

Like I say there is an issue with current curse/ncurses as used in
stonc source, so all u see atm on any system is # for ANY characters.
Also becuase I cant find the "magic" key yet (and have not got around
to changing it) the process has to be killed once in the atari side
and you want to exit. In a web page that means reloading the jslinux
page. I tajes a while to upload and uudecode a 2.8Mb text file into a
statically linked stonc binary on the filesystem, but it works, along
with "tar -xz stonc-data.tgz" (uuencoded)

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