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Re: [MiNT] 1-18 release - userfriendliness

On Fri, 2012-12-14 at 16:01 +0000, Alan Hourihane wrote:

> 1. I'm open to documentation updates and re-organization of them, so if 
> there's any ideas on moving stuff around let me know.

Most of it could probably be considered obsolete. E.g. the "NEWS"-file
stops with 1.15.12.

There are several installation documents in various formats in various
directories, but none of them are up to date and none of them are
complete. Should probably be replaced by the userguide in the wiki and a
new installation guide for 1.19.

README says Frank's the maintainer.

Move the changelog-files to a separate directory.

Many filenames exceeds 8+3. This is bad, as the MiNT-folder usually is
located on a plain FAT-partition.

XaAES docs (usrguide.txt) are *very* outdated! Should be replaced with
the wiki-docs. Helmut made great efforts here.

Wrong linefeeds ;) But we never agreed on that.

...and lots more :)

> 2. Yes, this is partly what I want to fix in 1.19 where we'll only have 
> one specific build type and multiple tarballs (or zips). Things like 
> mint000.zip which contains everything for a 68000 processor, or 
> mint030.zip for basic TT's and Falcon's, and so on.

That would be really nice. Especially if these zips can simply be
unpacked to the boot-drive without any further configuration. There must
probably be one archive per platform.

> 3. I think I remember seeing WongCK's got something here on a web page, 
> but maybe we can put it into a text document.

Maybe only a few comments in mint.cnf would suffice. After all, you only
need to run ifconfig.ttp and route.ttp, and then edit resolv.conf.

> 4. Indeed. Part of 2. should fix that, but I see your VanillaMINT has 
> done it to two floppies.

Three actually, but that also includes Teradesk. It would fit on two
floppies without. But that will only work with very specifically
targeted archives, e.g. one for Falcon030/TT, one for CT60, one for
Milan etc.

> Attached is what I do for the current release archive. If you want to 
> make updates to that, and post it back to the list I can integrate things.

Thanks, I will look into this. But I really suck at shell-scripts :)

Jo Even