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Re: [MiNT] 1-18 release - userfriendliness

Jo Even Skarstein, 14.12.2012 14:54:17:

Now that 1-18 is about to be released I think it's time do discuss how

First at least two bugs have to be fixed before:

Long names and async-process-launch in an interactive toswin-shell.

There are several issues that needs to be addressed:

1. The docs are a mess. 20 years of notes tossed in a couple of directories.

Would it be possible to have a release-version and a current version in the wiki so it's possible to update the docs without messing up the official version?

4. How do you transfer MiNT to an Atari with no networking? The archive doesn't fit on a floppy.

Null-modem :-)

Helmut Karlowski