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Re: [MiNT] TosWin2 Bug

The patch have been applied, now special key should be avaible again for escape functions.

Hello Ole,
Hello Olivier,

did you follow a recent discussion on the MiNT List?

I found a bug in TosWin2 - introduced by you latest patch to textwin.c.


Your additional check will never evaluate to true - so cursor keys + functions keys
are never delivered to the applications...

It's so long!

Ok I take some minutes to remember what was the problem. In fact the original condition in this line is wrong, the problem is the numpad interfere with Fx key :

code>= 0x3b00&& code<= 0x5000 is not enough because for example numpad + have a code of 0x4E2B

and I look my patch and I agree I have made a mistake!

it should be:

if (t->vt_mode == MODE_VT100&& code>= 0x3b00&& code<= 0x5000&& ((code&0xFF)<=0x20))

if you not do this in all case there is an ESC car sent

Sorry if someone can fix it in CVS, thanks.



You may want to explain why you added that check, and maybe think it over,
so that the check is not preventing cursor keys from working.

As I found the bug, the discussion on the mint list went on,
because the same behaviour was found for vt52 mode, however,
your patch only affects vt100 mode. So the crew found out there
is an vt52 bug somewhere in the kernel... That's another story!

Greets & Thanks for reading