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Re: [MiNT] Human readable MiNT List archives

Small requests to make it even better: :-)

* Please sort the index page so that latest month is on top
  (like seems to be done with most other mail archives).

* Could you provide archive also for the current month?
  (How often you run the indexer for new messages?)
These two are actually connected to each other. My intention was to make something as "20th anniversary" of the ML, i.e. make it static. Therefore it's not updated.

What could be done is to setup this thing by source, on Rob's server. The current web "service" is only a simple perl script executed by cron, nothing like Mhonarc. But I'm too afraid to do it by myself, it's a very important server and I tend to have luck to screw up (someone else's) things ;-)

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