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Re: [MiNT] NetSurf menu redraw / was: Menu redraw

Jean-François Lemaire, 13.04.2013 16:00:27:

exactly are you redrawing the URL bar?

After my experience the rectangles from WM_REDRAW are not always reliable (not sure about XaAES, and not sure at all), so you'll always have to clip according to the rectangle-list before doing any drawing.

I looked what happens in XaAES: It sends a single WM_REDRAW for the work-area when swapping the menu-boxes like this:

add_msg_2_queue:WM_REDRAW added for 6 rect 214/33,245/70

6 is the handle of the netsurf-window. The redraws for widgets are not displayed here.

Is the URL-field in a toolbar or something?

Helmut Karlowski