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Re: [MiNT] Compiling a FreeMiNT kernel

Am Donnerstag, den 10.10.2013, 17:33 +0200 schrieb Matthias Arndt <marndt@asmsoftware.de>:

I have a cross compiler on my harddrive:
$ m68k-atari-mint-gcc --version
m68k-atari-mint-gcc (GCC) 4.5.0 (MiNT 20100511)

Please notice, you may can't compile coldfire code with that version (to old?). ...But the build process will probably try that, at least when you did not
disable that version of the kernel.

Also, you should at least update the libs (mintlib) that comes with vincents package.

It would also good to update the gcc binaries, but I guess it is OK to
use that version for non-public use. There where several
things done since that version and I remember they where important. :)