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Re: [MiNT] Easymint install on TT

Hi all,

Today evening, I can try once again to install easymint 1.83 on atari TT, for information there are 10MB ST-RAM and 64MB TT-RAM. The problem is corrupted files while copying them to your hard drive rootfs.tgz and basic.tar. After copy these files again and checking of all are OK to install rpm package from basic.tar was a success without any problems.

Now I can try to install on the second machine, but there is only 4MB memory and I thing that is very small

Thank you Marc


W dniu 2013-10-01 10:45, M.A. Kehr napisał(a):

Isn't possible that you actually don't sync filesystem before the reboot? I.e. your installer does install the 'rpm' tool but you just reboot and
it's never written to disk. This might explain its randomness.
No, this can't be the reason, because the rpm is installed in second
stage after the first reboot.

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