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Re: [MiNT] Compiling a FreeMiNT kernel

> make M68K_ATARI_MINT_CROSS=yes all
btw I use make CROSS=yes all the time :)

Anyway you guys insisted on 2.95 for quite a time so which is a version 4 gcc so much worse?
Did we? I use latest gcc for years ... there's only one serious advantage of the 2.95 over 4.x -- Sparemint's gdb has troubles to read symbols from the latter. But if you're only after compilation, gcc4 is always better choice.

in fsck or something. i guess I am still missing some support libs.
cflib.h or such. I have included the logfile with this mail.
Yes, you need cflib for one or two of them.

- Did this compile all xfs and xdd drivers aswell? Or really just the
main kernel?
Nope. But you can do this if you jump into 'sys' and either a) type just 'make' or b) type 'make xfs' or so, I think there's 'make help' available
- Where do I find the PRGs and all thos driver files? I plan to
duplicate the VanillaMiNT efforts to learn more and maybe run a basic
000 kernel in Hatari and later on my STE.
Unfortunately, it's quite chaotic. Kernels are in sys/.compile_<cpu>, drivers are in the source directories, so usually the best is to look for either executable files (with the x bit set) or for *.{xfs,xdd,km,xif,<and perhaps some others>}.

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