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Re: [MiNT] [PATCH] USB mass storage partitions access (wrong patch!)

No problem. My internet access has been down so I'll get to this now.

I also noticed the max_logical_drive was meant to be 32 from Didiers sources.

It would be nice to move bios.S into C though. I think I can see another fault where the USB handlers are repeatably installed and never uninstalled in the assembler code.
Getting a C variant of this code would be much easier to manage.


On 02/13/14 16:02, David Gálvez wrote:
Sorry Alan wrong patch.
Attached is the good one.


2014-02-13 16:36 GMT+01:00 David Gálvez <dgalvez75@gmail.com>:
Alan, please commit this patch.

Commit message:

Fix driver that was unable to access USB partitions when more than one
were mounted.