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[MiNT] ODP: Re: Midi

Hi, i'm curious if there is something connected to midi in too. Midi devices  send midi status bytes at constant rate, 
is ikbd handler managing this case? I can speculate atm because i haven't seen it an i had similar problems in my own software eg. Hang when midi sound module was connected to both midi in/out. If atari was connected to midi module (for sending commands to external module) then no problems occured.

Paweł Góralski

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Od: Vincent Rivière
Data:24.05.2014 09:39 (GMT+01:00)
Do: mint@lists.fishpool.fi
Temat: Re: [MiNT] Midi

On 23/05/2014 07:47, Joseph Place wrote:
> I have a strange problem.  I'm using the 1.18.0 kernel.  When my midi
> keyboard is powered on and plugged in to the midi in port on my Falcon,
> Mint always freezes at or about "calibrating delay loop".  Anyone ever
> experience something like this?

FreeMiNT hooks the ACIA interrupt vector for its advanced AKP stuff (custom
keytables, etc). When I saw that code long ago, I suspected it was wrong
regarding to MIDI. That might explain your weird behavior.

Vincent Rivière