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Re: [MiNT] EHCI host controller driver

Yes, kernel and XaAES from the same build.

Jo Even

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From: David Gálvez
Date:04/05/2014 15:11 (GMT+01:00)
To: mint@lists.fishpool.fi
Subject: Re: [MiNT] EHCI host controller driver

Hi Jo,

2014-05-03 23:28 GMT+02:00 Jo Even Skarstein <joska@online.no>:
> Tried it today with today's build from freemint.org. I must admit that I
> haven't read any docs, but I copied loader.prg, ehci-pci.ucd,
> storage.udd and usb060.km to a subfolder in sysdir and ran loader.prg
> from mint.cnf. My USB card has a NEC chip, I must check the exact model.

Did you also use the kernel from that build?