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Re: [MiNT] Helmut branch.... merge ??

On Sunday 11 January 2015 13:05:02 Helmut Karlowski wrote:
> Am 11.01.2015, 07:53 Uhr, schrieb Jean-François Lemaire:
> > lot of stuff set up at boot time). I'll see now how normal usage works.
> Thanks for testing. I'm quite sure I don't have the nfs-fix, will be the
> first thing to pull from trunk. The unclear-ext2-issue obviously is
> independent of branches, this requires further inspection.

The only real problem I have noticed after a few hours spent with the new 
system is random freezes that seem to be related to redrawing (one time after 
opening a large Hypview window). I haven't been able to reproduce it, though. 
(I haven't tried that hard to be honest, because freezes and reboots and 
filesystem checks are bloody annoying :-) ).

Jean-François Lemaire