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[MiNT] Issue with Mint 1.19 and Litchi


Litchi ( 1.3b) & Troll (1.7D) stopped to work correctly on my Aranym setup under Mint 1.19
Litchi is not displaying correctly the listing of many sites (ex pigwa, Kurobox ...). A few sites are still working (my internal server one for example), and sometime at the first connection non working sites like Pigwa work correctly, but if you disconnect and reconnect ... same garbage in the list.Troll freeze when I try to read my Gmail inbox, but seems to work ok with newsgroups.
I am also using polarssl.ldg v0.03

I thought that the issue was coming from Litchi and Troll, the. From Aranym, but after doing several tests!I believe that it's more Mint related.

I have tested different options ;
Aranym 0.916 and 1.02 : same problem under Mint 1.19
Under Mint 1.18.0 and 1.18.1, both Troll and Litchi work perfectly.
I have tested various recent test builds of Mint 1.19 up to the last one, no improvement.

On my Firebee with Mint 1.19 (Vincent version from October) I don't have this issue, but with the latest build it doesn't work. So it seems that something has been fixed in Vincent version (which is quite old vs 68k test builds) or broken in the following ones.

Here is a snapshot of Litchi screen if it can help :