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Re: [MiNT] Helmut branch: no shading on right click

On 12 January 2015 at 22:40, Helmut Karlowski <helmut.karlowski@ish.de> wrote:

> I committed a fix for the missing window-shade-feature. The weird
> toswin2-behaviour is also automagically gone ...

Great! I'll update as soon as I can. I also noticed something else
that was bizarre but I need to look more into it first before

> I installed Before Dawn, and have let it run the "hole" about 5 times (after
> 1 min), and nothing happened.

It doesn't happen every time. It's more random than this.

> Maybe you're mixing trunk- and my drivers?
> Currently they should not run with the other kernel.

No, I'm sure I didn't. But remember that a lot of stuff makes the
FireBee crash, unfortunately. A lot of the Defore Dawn modules, for
example. So this is quite possibly another of those cases where the
FireBee underlying software is the culprit. I wouldn't look into this
too much if I were you.

Jean-François Lemaire