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[MiNT] HypView

Since HypView is on the CVS I post here, maybe someone here cares about it?

I received this report from Philippe Noble, he refers to my GFA Editor:

"With the word contextual help, I have noticed that a few words don't open
the right help page but something not related : ex : CHDIR open READ and
RESTORE help page, but that's not a big issue."

Snapshot provided by Philippe Noble:

I was able to reproduce this behavior. It occurs with my GFABASIC.HYP and

According to the HCP docs provided with ST-Guide, the command @default
determines the page shown if a reference is not found. In this case 'CHDIR'
has no node in my hyp, but my hyp for sure is built with the command
@default. Somehow HypView manages to open page 'READ' instead.

In ST-Guide the correct page appears per the @default command.

Lonny Pursell    http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/