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Re: [MiNT] MiNT 1.19 and malloc size limitation?

Am 24.03.2015, 00:02 Uhr, schrieb Rajah:

Sorry, I do not have time to make it simplier. This is taken quickly from my code (Litchi). mx_mask is for compatibility with older TOS.

When I set TRACE in MiNT I get from your program:

id  86 (malloc): _get_region (core, 67596864 (4078000), 0) (normal)
pid  86 (malloc): m_xalloc(4077240,0) returns NULL
pid  86 (malloc): Malloc: returning 0
pid  86 (malloc): Malloc(4072740)
pid  86 (malloc): Mxalloc(67577664,0)
pid  86 (malloc): _get_region (core, 67577664 (4074000), 0) (normal)
pid  86 (malloc): m_xalloc(4072740,0) returns NULL


repeatedly, then:

pid  86 (malloc): m_xalloc(1F9DC40,0) returns NULL
pid  86 (malloc): m_xalloc(1F99140,0) returns NULL
pid  86 (malloc): m_xalloc(1F94640,0) returns NULL


0 or core mean ST-RAM. If you had different results in MiNT 1.18 you should rather look for a bug there I think.