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Re: [MiNT] Recommended FS for 68k Freemint and other stuff

Am 23.03.2015, 20:41 Uhr, schrieb Alan Hourihane:

Hello Helmut
I have been using this driver for a couple of days now with the latest
version of your branch, and it looks to me stable enough.

I have done at least 10 times fsck and mkfs with the e2fsprogs archive
from here,
and no error so far ( I am using an UltraSatan SD card device)

As a plus, the partitions are correctly detected and can be mounted on
Linux, which was not the case with the Minix FS.

The modules are all CPU's for ext2 are available in the trunk archive.

Actually they should also be in my build (.000/  .020-60/ .dbg/  .v4e/).
I've read they're not there. Maybe your script expects them somewhere else?