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[MiNT] Restoring disk after failure.

My 40GB disk went out of order. Fortunately, couple of months ago I did a backup of it, plugging it to my Mint 17 linux machine box and doing "dd".
So after a failure, I just bought another 40GB device and restored "dd" backupp file to the new device.
But here comes a problem. When MiNT loads the icons look strange ( see attachment )
Also some applications start way longer than before. For example MxPlay 2.1 was launching in about 0,5 second before, but on the restored disc it takes about 15-20 seconds! to launch.
Probably there are more strange things, but I have not played with it much more.
TOS seemed fine, but all I did was just launching Quake :) to see if loading time is extended. I will try to do more tests in TOS later.
What could be wrong?
Maybe 'dd' is not correct way to have things properly done if it goes for disk backup? But as it is 1:1 operation than it should not make any troubles I would guess?

Machine specs: F030 + CT63 + SV + EasyMiNT 1.18 + besides mint.prg and SV driver nothing else in Auto folder

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