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Re: [MiNT] Need help to resurrect a Falcon + CT60

if your harddisk was attached to a falcons IDE port, you may just suffer from the byteswap the IDE port does. You should be able to work around this by doing dd if=/dev/yourhardiskdevice of=somefile conv=swab, then mount that file (if you can't mount it directly, you can set up a loop-device using losetup)

Jean-Luc CECCOLI <jean-luc.ceccoli@wanadoo.fr> schrieb am 14:18 Samstag, 18.Juli 2015:

A few years ago, I was running MiNT 1.16 with this patition scheme :
C to P as TOS partitions, R as MiNT partition and S as a 4 GB (or more, I don't remember) MiNT only readable partition handling my whole archives (installation programs and others).
Due to memory problems, the start process was interrupted (system froze) more than three times and that lead to MiNT unable to boot.
I gave up after some unsuccessful attempts, and put my machine into a box.
Yesterday, I thought I could retrieve my data mounting my disk onto a Ubuntu distro, but what was reported was only an unformatted disk, so I even can't try to repair my MiNT partition.
I had backuped quite everything on tapes, but these have became unreadable.
So, I really need help to make things work fine again.
Many thanks in advance,