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Re: [MiNT] etv_timer

On 24 Aug 2015 at 19:07, Adam Klobukowski wrote:

> I'm asking, because I grepped whole FreeMiNT tree for it, and I found
> only a #define, no code whatsoever interacting with it. Atari
> Compendium mentions it, but offers no explanation. I wonder if we
> could hijack this vector.
Depends what you mean by hijack.  You can of course intercept it.  But you MUST 
not use it for any other purpose, or I personally will hound you to the ends of 
the earth.  Well, maybe I'll write some really nasty emails instead.

And the Compendium is not the only source of Atari info.  See the developer 
documentation (available online), Compute!'s TOS guide, documentation for the 
Lattice C compiler, etc etc.