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[MiNT] strange problem with Ethernat and IDE


sorry for the long text, but i think its needed to understand the

on my workbench are two Falcons with same setup:

ct63 with Rev.6 68060,  SDR V7d and ABE V7f
SuperVidel with update 007 (my Falcon) and 006 (Carey's Falcon)
EtherNAT with latest Firmware (Dec. 10th) from Nature's website

I was never able to get EtherNAT work on my Falcon and thought its faulty.
Now i got Carey's parts in order to set it all up. He sent me two
EtherNATs so now i have 3 to try with.

After i set up his ct63 and upgrades nicely into his stock Falcon case,
i began with the software. He bought the very same SATA/IDE adapter that
i use in my machine. And also he got a 60 GB SATA SSD.

So i connected both SSDs to my laptop and cloned mine to his with dd.
His Falcon booted right away with my setup.

I tried the EtherNAT and it didn't work, so i tried his other, but no

The driver loads and configures at boot ("EtherNAT up!") and ifconfig
shows the en0 device configured (static IP) - but no packets leave or

Then i unpacked MiKro's µMiNT to a CF card, connected only that to the
Falcons IDE bus and after configuring the IP addresses to my needs it

Then i updated µMiNT to the latest 1-18-1 kernel and XaAES and it still

Now i put that working setup into a fresh empty MINT folder on my SSD (i
renamed the old MINT folder to MINT.OLD).
But it didn't work any longer.

After double checking no files got corrupted during copy i put the
working setup to an IDE HDD and added a CF card to the reader, in order
to again have two devices on the IDE bus. EtherNAT works again!

So the problem seems to toggle by using that SATA/IDE adapter or not to.

Does anyone have a clue why this device on the IDE bus can interfere
with the EtherNAT? Can this be fixed?

Sure, one could just swap the SATA adapter and drive against a IDE
drive. But i'd like to run with that adapter, since really big HD
don't come with IDE interface any longer.

Thanks in advance
Stefan "Beetle" Niestegge