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Re: [MiNT] Pexec() patch in FireTOS

on 8/26/15, 1:04 PM, Olivier Landemarre wrote:

> Le 26/08/2015 02:32, Lonny Pursell a écrit :
>> I was looking at this:
>> http://www.atariforge.org/gf/project/ctpci/scmsvn/?action=browse&path=%2Fbra
>> nches%2F1.04-pm%2Fflash.tos%2Ftos%2Fgemdos2.S&revision=6&view=markup
>> After some study I see that this patch is searching for the code that makes
>> up memset() in the PureC library. Inside the LDG library is a call to
>> memset() which in turn makes all of codecs built against the LDG library
>> fail on the firebee. So is is enough to replace the memset() call with a
>> patch one to get my codecs working on the firebee?
> Hello Lonny,
> it's quite easy to fix, I do it today, this very easy to do, this will
> be better I don't wan't need the use of libc should not be here.

Thanks for the quick response.
What I ended up doing is directly patching memset() in PCSTDLIB.LIB, so now
my copy of PureC is able to build codecs that work on the FireBee. Some of
the codecs themselves use memset(). Also big thanks to Pierre and Vido for
testing the rebuilt codec on their Bee's. :D

Lonny Pursell    http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/